Assignment 01: Getting Started (Index Page)

Workbook 2 - Graphics APIs and Drawing Basics

This workbook is due Fri, Feb 1, with late workbooks accepted until Mon, Feb 4.

Remember to look at these web pages using a local web server! For more information on using a local server, see Tools(Local_Web_Server).

Goals of this workbook

  1. To introduce the idea of "object-based" graphics (as opposed to image-based graphics)
  2. To show the two different types of graphics APIs (immediate mode and retained mode)
  3. To give you experience programming with the Canvas API
  4. To give you exposure to SVG (which we won't use much in class in the future - but it's good to know about)
  5. See how the event and animation loop models (from the previous workbook) are used in graphics
  6. Get more practice with reading and writing JavaScript programs
  7. Check that you can do some basic vector math

What you should do with this workbook

This workbook assumes you've already done the previous week's workbook, and are familiar with the mechanics of doing assignments and turning them in (using GitHub), as well as looking at web pages with JavaScript programs. This time, there will be a lot less reading the HTML source.

Remember that you are required to edit the and files, and that you should read the programs (and understand them!). We will ask you to make changes to some of the programs (and write some of your own).

Start with page 1. There are 6 pages total, A02_p1.html, A02_p2.html, A02_p3.html, A02_p4.html, A02_p5.html, and A02_p6.html


The graders will check that you have done the required programs correctly.

The grader will check that you have correctly done the and, as well as filled in the exercises on pages 3 and 5. Remember to read through things carefully including the source code (mainly the JavaScript files). The code is part of the reading! You will learn how to do the programming parts (in part) by reading code. There are other readings linked on the different web pages.

As you go through the workbook pages, feel free to tinker with the programs we have given you as a way to understand how they work!

There are opportunities for bonus points on pages 3 and 5.