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Workbook 3: Coordinate Systems and Hierarchies (Transformations)

One of the most fundamental concepts in computer graphics is transformation. Transformations let us work in convenient coordinate systems, model complicated things by putting together parts, move things around without damaging their structure, animate things without changing their shape (or, changing their shape if we want), and many other things.

Generally, the mathematics of transformations are taught first, and then we tell you what to use them for.

I am going to try this the other way around: we are going to use transformations this week and see why they are so useful. We'll write some programs that use transformations. Then, next week, we'll look at what is happening "under the hood".

This workbook has a bunch of tutorial text and examples - make sure you understand them. Read the code! (in this workbook, you won't have to read the HTML much)

Pages 1, 3, 6 and 7 have required exercises on them. Pages 6 and 7 have bonus point opportunities.

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Required Reading

Tutorials: the first was assigned already, the other will help you when you are required to write some SVG.

Textbook: In the textbooks, they discuss how to use transformations after the talk about the mathematical details of what they are. We're doing it in the other order. Also, the texts dive right into 3D. We're just doing 2D for now.

You should read this chapter as part of this assignment, but you might want to read the workbook pages first. When it's appropriate

Optional Reading

If you want to look ahead (these will be required next week):

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